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Dave “The Lumberjack” Rutherford came to Tesomas In 1935

The Story of Scoutmaster Dave Rutherford and the Boys of Troop 627.

The year was 1935 and the boys were excited to camp at the brand new Camp in Rhinelander called Camp Tesomas. Their scoutmaster was Dave “the Lumberjack” Rutherford. He was called “the Lumberjack because of the axes and tools he would lug to every event. He cut wood for the boys and would carve excellent totem poles or other sculptures if he was bored. In fact, the two that make up the entrance to the grand Council Ring were carved during his troop’s first stay at Crystal Lake. The boys loved their scoutmaster and would follow him to any new adventure. So when he suggested the new camp Tesomas the boys were thrilled to go on a brand new adventure.

They arrived at camp and were greeted by the 15 faces of the 1st Tesomas Staff... Everything was a blast; the first year of Tesomas was a great time; the scouts went swimming in the lake, learned all sorts of knots, and Dave had a great time with the Scouts. But tragedy struck Dave and the poor scouts of Troop 627.

Someone...or something came though and devoured the scouts the last night of their stay. Dave, The sole survivor of the 627 massacre awoke to a terrible sight...Blood everywhere, mangled a frame tents, but not a scout to be found. The camp went into a frenzy to find the 18 boys, but to no avail. Only a single torn sleeve of a uniform was recovered.

Dave was upset by the events as anyone would be. He became obsessed with finding, or replacing if necessary, his lost troop. Even trying to kidnap a boy who had a similar likeness to one of his lost boys. Shortly after, these events he vowed He would not leave until he found those kids and walked into the wilderness at Camp and was not seen again.

No one has seen the “monster” that came that night, few even give the story credit. Some say, however on a still night you can hear Scoutmaster Dave still screaming the names of his lost campers. Campers that have been lost often report a man in the woods leading them for a while, only to find themselves lost in the woods needing a staff member to find them.