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The Professor’s Ransom

You have been doing a research project with your history professor about an ancient tiki idol. Together, you determined where it could be found and last month Professor Huey went off in search of it. He called you last night to say that he had found it but he was being followed so he hid the relic in his office. He asked you to meet him in his office in the morning. You arrive and find a note that says, “We have Professor Huey. We will release him in exchange for the Tiki Man. You have thirty minutes until we return.”

The Lucky Cemetery

For as long as you can remember, everyone has said that your family has had bad luck. The legend is that your great, great grandfather had a good luck piece. When evil people tried to take it from him, he hid it. He said that he would take it to his grave with him before he gave it up. You always thought that was just a story, but your cousin believed it and has been searching for the good luck piece. Today he called and asked you to help him. He asked you to meet him at the old Norwegian cemetery. You have arrived but your cousin is gone; now it is up to you to find the good luck piece. The legend states that the good luck piece will transfer its luck to whoever is holding it at sunrise. The sun comes up in 30 minutes; you better hurry up!